a song about you

from by western black rhino

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you said "i wanna write a song about you"
i thought "oh shit that sounds so cool"
but i didn't want to sound weird
so i only asked "well about what?"

you said "you know about those cool things you do"
i said "well can you make an example please?"
you said "you know, you know them more than me"
so i stopped talking and started to think

and i thought about some things i've been doing
and none of them seemed cool enough
like watching football, graduating,
or playing the drums in a band that will soon break up

you noticed i was silent and you
just said "well fine, i will just tell you,
i like the way you talk about people
i like the way you look at the world"

now that was more than i could expect
considering I'm such a cynic piece of shit
you kinda read my mind and you said
"trust me, not in spring"

i took a look outside and noticed
it was full of people everywhere
i hate them but i still love spring
and the sun finally reaches my bed

you said "i kinda have to go now,
as you know i've got a song to write"
I said "just wait a few minutes
i've got a surprise that you might like"

so i took this guitar and started singing this song
and the lyrics came quite natural, i said
"while you were talking 'bout a song about me,
i wrote a song about you instead"


from everyone dies, released June 20, 2016




western black rhino Italy

Playing is cool.

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