everyone dies

by western black rhino

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released June 20, 2016

Recorded on June 18th in Yugoslavia.




western black rhino Italy

Playing is cool.

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Track Name: tall love
the lovers stand on the grass
in the park in front of my house
they rarely dare to sit
someone did before and didn't last

and when the animals kiss
and try to kill our kids
i would often stay home
and try to see beyond those trees

in the corner of the shame
the only safe place would remain
the shadow you create
before they took you away
it was july 2010

and in the absence they will see
only concrete and nice deals
another parking lot
that i wanna fill with fear
and no shadow to cover me

and i wasn't there
when they took you away
i couldn't be there
i chose something else

your self-destruction in a video
while a trumpet plays
i wish that i could stay
i didn't get to say goodbye

but your memory will stay
and the kids are gonna play
i'll throw rocks at every window
that didn't see you breathe
and my heart will stay the same
i will love you till the end
i will spend my life searching for something
as good as this
Track Name: seven years
did i find it?
i feel like all i've found is an old friend
who keeps a ticket in his pocket:
a show we've seen together
the only show we've seen together

where is he now?
losing teeth to anxiety
he was promised to be killed
by everyone around him

and this is what happens when you find god
when your mother is super proud of you
when your brother with my same name doesn't care anymore
and when life becomes a screen

and i know it isn't easy
to accept it's not a joke
or to even talk about it
knowing that it's true

well i feel like what you found
was a way to be yourself
to find someone at your level
to keep their pictures on your screen

and was your dick hard?
and should I laugh of you?
does that make me awful
that you're my favourite anecdote?

it's that i cannot stand religion
and that i was always left out
and i was never a medicine student
or a red cross volunteer

it's that my mother never vanted
of how great i was with kids
well that's kind of embarassing now
seeing what you did

it's simply funny to me
that you'd become such a role model
while you'd put cameras in the toilettes
while you'd force young girls to undress

but what kind of a role model
would be condemned to seven years of jail
for fucking pedopornography?
Track Name: summer summer winter winter
congratulations on your new chest tattoo
it is a black work isn't it?
black is my favourite colour too.
congratulations on your life, you must be cool,
with all these trips to east and west,
oh boy i wish that i was you.
and back home you start complaining, everything sucks,
you've been alone for at least three hours
oh what a lonely life you have..
now that I think about it you don't deserve a song
so i will stop
Track Name: a song about you
you said "i wanna write a song about you"
i thought "oh shit that sounds so cool"
but i didn't want to sound weird
so i only asked "well about what?"

you said "you know about those cool things you do"
i said "well can you make an example please?"
you said "you know, you know them more than me"
so i stopped talking and started to think

and i thought about some things i've been doing
and none of them seemed cool enough
like watching football, graduating,
or playing the drums in a band that will soon break up

you noticed i was silent and you
just said "well fine, i will just tell you,
i like the way you talk about people
i like the way you look at the world"

now that was more than i could expect
considering I'm such a cynic piece of shit
you kinda read my mind and you said
"trust me, not in spring"

i took a look outside and noticed
it was full of people everywhere
i hate them but i still love spring
and the sun finally reaches my bed

you said "i kinda have to go now,
as you know i've got a song to write"
I said "just wait a few minutes
i've got a surprise that you might like"

so i took this guitar and started singing this song
and the lyrics came quite natural, i said
"while you were talking 'bout a song about me,
i wrote a song about you instead"
Track Name: everywhere
if your solution to the problems of the world
involves violence, feel free to count me in
'cause songs are effective only if they humiliate
mentally, physically, everyone you hate

they deserve to die
so stop acting like a saint
it's time to take revenge
just find your favourite ways

remember when they came around, made you feel like you're a fool
made you conscious bout your haircut, about the colour of your skin
we both know they won't ever be as good as you or me,
enough passive aggressiveness, friend..

if your solution to the problems of the world
involves violence, feel free to count me in
'cause songs are effective only if they humiliate
mentally, physically, everyone you hate

so here's for the couple who made fun of my hair,
here's to the girl who said i couldn't grow a beard
here's to the kid who made fun of my voice
here's to my ex who said I'll never live alone.

and here's to ██████████████████

the couple broke up after years of tears
the girl's together with a boy with no hair
my ex is trapped in a monotonous life
i think that kid's parents eventually died

everyone dies, eventually,
everyone dies, and i'm so glad it works like this